Thursday, December 31, 2009

Truffle Tree

This tree makes a great centerpiece for a party. It is just over a foot tall (not including the pedestal) and holds almost 100 cake truffles. The cake truffles on this tree were for adults: eggnog cake, spiked with rum and filled with eggnog-cream cheese icing which is also spiked with rum. They were then dipped in bittersweet chocolate and attached one by one to a cone form - don't ask how long this took. This tree was drizzled with red tinted white chocolate and attached to a festive Christmas pedestal, but can be easily adapted as a topiary centerpiece for any occasion.

Speaking of cake truffles, I also have made eggnog cake truffles with rum extract so the kids can enjoy them and my kids absolutely love anything eggnog, especially as a flavor in cake. Another popular cake truffle flavor we tried this holiday season was a rich chocolate cake mixed with Hazelnut (Nutella) buttercream.

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