Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Creating a Carved 3D Car Cake: 1967 Shelby Mustang

I realize I haven't posted here in quite sometime, okay, well over a year.  Things have been CRAZY busy both for cakes and with the family.  All good :).

I am going to try to carve out more time to post on here.  I'd like to say weekly, but monthly may be more realistic.  I would love some topic suggestions.  Feel free to comment or email (barbara@nccakeparties.com) with suggestions/requests.

A few months ago, I was working on a 3D car cake and made notes so I could share here what goes into making an (almost) to scale, hand carved, very detailed car cake.  Then I got even busier, and well, now I am finally getting around to posting what I wrote.  Here is the condensed version of the process.

One of my projects for this week (other than bookkeeping, blah) is a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500.  SO much goes into making a car cake, I thought I'd post a short overview of the prep work.

Okay, so I've already received pictures and spoken in depth with the client ordering this cake.  We've planned the flavors (pound cake with strawberry filling) and figured out colors (bright blue).

Sunday:  Purchase some of the ingredients for cake and icing (eggs, butter, cream cheese, milk, cake flour, sugar, strawberry)...I already have in stock some of the other items.

Monday:  Purchased non-edible supplies - thick foam board (for support) & styrofoam block (for riser).

I'll also need dowels, an exacto knife, ruler, tape measure, calculator, hammer, pencil sharpener (for cake use only, no pencils), freezer paper, tape, black paper, glue, cake boards, scissors and I'm sure a few other items I'm forgetting to list here.  Those I already have.

Tuesday:  Print up blueprints for Shelby and find exact specs/measurements so I can figure out the exact scale of the cake (www.the-blueprints.com is AWESOME for this task).  Work out some formulas and create a template for the cake.  Cut the boards and supports to size based on the formula results.  This takes a few hours.

Wednesday:  Make icing.  Make ganache.  Make modeling chocolate.  Color fondant.

Thursday:  Bake & cool cake.  Make filling.  Fill cake, wrap tightly and let settle overnight.  Wrap cake board.

Template set up for fine tuning.
Friday:  Crumb coat, carve, crumb coat again, ganache.  Build up details with modeling chocolate & fondant.  Cover with fondant.  Cut away fondant to reveal some of the underlying details (i.e. windows).  Add trim, mirrors, paint detail.  Airbrush for added color/sheen.  Make wheels.

Ganache coating.

Saturday morning:  Hand paint finishing touches (i.e. chrome).  Support  car so it looks raised.  Attach wheels.  Add message on cake board.  Photograph cake (I seriously wish I had a permanent photo booth setup so this would not take 20-30 min.).

Saturday afternoon:  Clean the mess (thank God for hubby).  COLLAPSE with a glass of wine.


Laura Craig said...

I love this cake!! I have to make one for a friend's birthday...never done a cake like this. What did you use as supports under cake to give it that raised look? Thank you!! Beautiful job!!!

Peggy said...

Great cake, can I ask how long this took you to create and what you charged? I have a customer who wants me to do one and I've never done a 3-d car cake before. Thanks.